Friday, August 17, 2007

Deranged Diction - No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules tape

I first heard Deranged Diction on the Mystic 1983 Compilation LP "We got Power" and then again on the BCT 1984 compilation tape "Eat Me" and had been searching franticly for their "NO ART, NO COWBOYS, NO RULES" tape (1983) all over da hottest file sharing networks in town until I found it and I must say, this tape/demo rips. I'd reccomend it to fans of Deepwound or maybe Urban Waste or any other generic, raging, prepubescent, 80s hardcore band that plays at thrash speed and makes me jizz everywhere. Oh and their bass player went on to play in everyone's favorite obscure hardcore band, PEARL JAM! So download the zip file i've uploaded containing all 19 tracks from their No Art, No Rules, No Cowboys Tape if you're into fast, prepubescent, American hardcore:
Deranged Diction - No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules tape zip file


Anonymous said...

this rules.

Lamia said...

Great work.