Friday, August 24, 2007

600 School - 1982 demo

600 School is mostly just known for their guitarist, Ben Shepherd, who also played bass in Sound Garden and can be seen doing so with a cool ssd shirt in the photograph to the right. The band hailed from Kingston, WA and their only known recording was a cassette recorded live on a 4-track in the bassist, Mike Swanzey's living room in about an hour's time. This is their 1982 demo which you can download at the bottom of this post. They play pretty standard early 80s hardcore similar to the Necros. Catchy, fast(but not quite hyper speed), cool, and, like everything I try to post, overlooked. So check them out:

600 School - 1982 demo .zip

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Satan's Cheerleaders - Created in your image 1983 Demo

Ok all i know about this Long Island band is that they are pretty damn fast, short, and obscure. And that theyre most likely named after the 1977 exploitation film of the same name. and I'm pretty sure theres a rockabilly band by the same name too.. Anyway I saw them listed on kill from the heart and then managed to find their first demo via soulseek and it is some pretty good shit. Warp speed, fucking pissed off early 80s stop go thrash with occasional cool slow intros and some of the most ferocious vocals ever in the vein of deep wound and deranged diction(see previous post) and totally overlooked so check it out:

Satan's Cheerleaders - Created in your image 1983 Demo zip file

And here's a trailor of Satan's Cheerleaders the movie for the hell of it:

Friday, August 17, 2007

Deranged Diction - No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules tape

I first heard Deranged Diction on the Mystic 1983 Compilation LP "We got Power" and then again on the BCT 1984 compilation tape "Eat Me" and had been searching franticly for their "NO ART, NO COWBOYS, NO RULES" tape (1983) all over da hottest file sharing networks in town until I found it and I must say, this tape/demo rips. I'd reccomend it to fans of Deepwound or maybe Urban Waste or any other generic, raging, prepubescent, 80s hardcore band that plays at thrash speed and makes me jizz everywhere. Oh and their bass player went on to play in everyone's favorite obscure hardcore band, PEARL JAM! So download the zip file i've uploaded containing all 19 tracks from their No Art, No Rules, No Cowboys Tape if you're into fast, prepubescent, American hardcore:
Deranged Diction - No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules tape zip file

Thursday, August 16, 2007

0DFX - 83 demo

..finally you can start breathing again. With much anticipation you have been checking this thing frequently only to find that nothing has changed, but that changes right now(as this is an update). I think i will move the direction of this to a more "I post mad obscure demos and 7"s by mad obscure 80s hardcore bands whenever i feel like it" approach. So with that being said the first mad obscure 80s demo I will post is Zero Defex (aka 0dfx aka zero defects) - 83 demo they also have an 82 demo but this one is better. btw some cool label is remastering all of their shit on cd soon so be sure to pick that up because all of the profits go to.. the jimmy fund. If you're interested in the band's history check this link as it has more than you need to know about them as well as some cool reunion videos, etc. Anyway this demo fucking destroys and sounds almost identical to poison idea - pick your king era. Most songs are under a minute and fast as hell. This band is way too underappreciated so do yourself a favor and appreciate them:
0DFX - 83 demo zip file

ahhh this video is soo cool it's zero defex playing 2 minute hate at a 1983 show for a community access cable show so watch it 20 times in a row right now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I decided to make a sweet hardcore blog for kicks. So i'll just post random show reviews, record reviews, rants, etc whenever I feel like it and out of curiosity, boredom, and anticipation you will be forced to read them. Oh yeah by the way I'm saving the boston punk scene! I am singlehandedly saving the boston punk scene with this sporadicly updated internet blog that most likely no more than 10 people will view.
So uhh lets see here are some important events where youre attendence is mandatory if you call yourself a man/woman/glazed ham enthusiast:

  • Saturday July 7th - 4 decent shows: The first is california love, never healed, and step forward at the midway cafe in jamaica plain, MA. The second is Mind Eraser, Waste Management, Step Forward, Righteous Jams, and Rampage at AS220 in Providence, RI. The third is Outbreak and drug test and some other bands in pepperell, MA. And the fourth is the legendary DC hardcore skinhead band Iron Cross with Murphys Law at the Baseball Tavern in Boston but unfortunately it is 21+ due to some sweet new laws passed banning 18+ shows
  • Saturday July 14 - Fruit Salad, Civil Crisis, SMD, mouth sewn shut, and weapons grade at the midway cafe in jamaica plain
  • Saturday July 21 - This is a big deal so..go. Rabies, Warkrime, Social Circkle, Even Keel, and Let Down and I believe Rabies and Warkrime are also playign early that day at a place in Western MA called Kreepy Karls Dungeon or somehtign like that
  • Saturday July 28 - Concrete Facelift, Common Enemy, + more probably at the Maniac Masnsion in Worcester
  • Monday July 30 - Agnostic Front with a bunch of tough guy bands in Brockton, MA