Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I decided to make a sweet hardcore blog for kicks. So i'll just post random show reviews, record reviews, rants, etc whenever I feel like it and out of curiosity, boredom, and anticipation you will be forced to read them. Oh yeah by the way I'm saving the boston punk scene! I am singlehandedly saving the boston punk scene with this sporadicly updated internet blog that most likely no more than 10 people will view.
So uhh lets see here are some important events where youre attendence is mandatory if you call yourself a man/woman/glazed ham enthusiast:

  • Saturday July 7th - 4 decent shows: The first is california love, never healed, and step forward at the midway cafe in jamaica plain, MA. The second is Mind Eraser, Waste Management, Step Forward, Righteous Jams, and Rampage at AS220 in Providence, RI. The third is Outbreak and drug test and some other bands in pepperell, MA. And the fourth is the legendary DC hardcore skinhead band Iron Cross with Murphys Law at the Baseball Tavern in Boston but unfortunately it is 21+ due to some sweet new laws passed banning 18+ shows
  • Saturday July 14 - Fruit Salad, Civil Crisis, SMD, mouth sewn shut, and weapons grade at the midway cafe in jamaica plain
  • Saturday July 21 - This is a big deal so..go. Rabies, Warkrime, Social Circkle, Even Keel, and Let Down and I believe Rabies and Warkrime are also playign early that day at a place in Western MA called Kreepy Karls Dungeon or somehtign like that
  • Saturday July 28 - Concrete Facelift, Common Enemy, + more probably at the Maniac Masnsion in Worcester
  • Monday July 30 - Agnostic Front with a bunch of tough guy bands in Brockton, MA